How many people will XploreRV sleep?
XploreRV will sleep 2-3 comfortably. With the addition of the rooftop tent, that number increases to 4-5.
I lost my owner's manual, where can I get a new one?
Our owner’s manual and all of our individual component manuals can be downloaded here.
Where is my fuse box located?
The fuse panel is located on the front of the converter. The panel can be accessed from the exterior of the cabinet on the lower, side wall.
How long will my solar panels keep my battery charged?
XploreRV’s solar system is meant to help sustain power for short periods of time. If you’re planning an extended camping trip, we recommend using a generator for your main power source.
Why is my A/C not working with my solar system?
In order to run A/C with a solar system, one would need 1500 watts of solar power (15 x 100W panels). Unfortunately we don’t have enough roof space to accomodate that many panels.
Will my A/C run on a portable generator?
Yes! We recommend a 2000 watt (or greater) generator to run the Air Conditioning.
Will my side-by-side fit in the XR22?
Not likely, the XR22 garage is intended for MX, 4-wheeler, or snomobile. The ramp door opening in the XR22 is 60″W x 72″H. With the bed lift in the up position, the garage height is 66″. There is 48″ between the cabinets and bench inside.
How do I winterize my X22/XR22?

Our winterizing guide can be downloaded here.

What do I do if I lose my entry door key?

Contact us with your key code and VIN#.  You can order a replacement key or even a key fob directly from us.  You can find a guide on where to locate your key code here.